View from Africa Convergence 2017

Africa Convergence: The Time Has Come.

THE NEW CHAMPIONS OF THE SOUTH, an attempt at leapfrogging Africa, 
For its second edition, the Africa Convergence Conference (, organized by the pan-African economic media, La Tribune Afrique, has chosen the Moroccan economic capital Casablanca to bring together players from across the continent and the globe around the theme of “The New Champions of the South”. This high-level conference will be held on September 29, 2017, at the Four Seasons Hotel.

The rise of large African companies and their integration into the new global economic outlook has created rapid growth on the continent. This challenge of a new direction calls for the involvement of all the stakeholders: public authorities, capital providers, solution providers, economic and institutional partners, think-tanks, philosophers, thinkers and “Doers”. Let’s all converge…

It’s time for “give and take” in Africa

After the success of the first edition in Paris, this second edition focuses on five key topics discussed on plenary sessions :

Mental and Physical Frontiers

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  • The question of frontiers is at the center of the conversation about Africa. What can be done to effectively lift them in order to promote trade, flow of talent, capital, as well as good governance? What are their dramatic consequences now? From the fate of refugees to the promotion of good governance as well as the impact of the fourth industrial revolution and entrepreneurship , our speakers will address a whole range of issues linked to frontiers in Africa.

Lost in Digitalization : Do you speak 3.0 ?

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  • Digital transformation as a catalyst for the transformation and convergence of private companies and governments. Can Africa build digital nations and numeric companies to fast-track development?

The Bold and the Beautiful : financing the scale-up of Africa

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  • What are the new conditions for quality financing of projects and infrastructure building? From Public-Private partnerships to Private equity and international financing, how can Africa improve access to capital?

Hacking the South System : Skills and management revolution

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  • How can the New Champions of the South continually innovate on new management methods in order to adapt to the market conditions and attract new talents?

The power of harmonic convergence in business

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  • When old paradigms cross new challenges within companies and nations in order to bring back human capital in the heart of development. Coaching, intercultural dialogue, inclusive development, universal income, new fiscal policy...

Some of our confirmed speakers


Attendance at the conference is by invitation only and free of charge.
If you haven’t receive an invitation and you don’t have a registration code, you can submit your registration following the link below. A request will be automatically submitted to our committee that will get back to you within 10 days.Confirmation of acceptation will be confirmed by email at least 20 days before the conference.


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